All natural, vegetarian, handmade soap made by Cold Process Method with Natural Oils, Butters, Essential Oils, Herbs & Natural additives. Natural Moisturizer Enriched with Herbs, Extracts and Oils that give Natural glow to skin with luxury Bathing Experience. 100% natural free from harmful toxins, chemicals and synthetic detergents unlike commercial soaps.

Benefits of Rose: Rose essential oil has been used throughout history in the ancient art of aromatherapy as a healing tonic and mood-elevating supplement. Interestingly, because rose petals are not very high in oil content, it takes several thousand pounds of rose petals to produce just few grams of this valuable oil, depending on the variety of plant used. Due to these factors, rose oil tends to be expensive.Rose essential oil is used to soothe the nerves, calm the nervous system and act as a tonic to relieve symptoms of depression. You may already be familiar with the use of rose as an aphrodisiac. According to legend, Cleopatra was said to have taken aromatic baths using rose petals to help entice her lovers. rose is thought to increase feelings of love, compassion and devotion, and acts as a tonic for the female reproductive system. Rose oil is said to stimulate the libido and increase feelings of sexual desire.Rose oil has antibacterial, astringent, antiseptic and antiviral properties, which make it useful in treating and disinfecting minor cuts and scrapes. Rose oil contains a compound called farnesol, which helps to kill bacteria and may help with the regeneration of new skin. Rose oil can be used in skincare treatments to help prevent and fight bacteria associated with conditions such as acne. It may help to treat pimples and blemishes by reducing the length and severity of flareups. Rose oil is also beneficial for those who have sensitive skin, as it is generally safe for all skin types and does not usually cause allergic reactions.

Benefits of Sandalwood: Sandalwood has long been known for its skin-friendly cleansing properties. It is also effective to lighten the scars of stretch marks. Sandalwood essential oil is anti-inflammatory by nature. It has a soothing effect, which helps in getting relief from severe internal inflammations.Sandalwood oil is known to be highly antispasmodic. It is because of the sedative as well as muscle relaxant properties of the oil. It has been proved that sandalwood essential oil has great disinfectant property. Being antimicrobial, sandalwood oil is also used as an effective antiseptic agent.Being sedative in nature, sandalwood oil has a calming effect on your nervous system. It eliminates all types of tension, fretfulness, fear, agitation, etc. by relaxing your nerves.

Ingredients: Palm Oil, Coconut Oil, Soybean Oil, Olive Oil, Castor Oil, Kokum Butter, Kaolin Clay, Rosehip Powder, Rose Flower Petals, Sandalwood Powder, Yoghurt Powder, Rose Oil, Sandalwood Oil, Tocopherol Vitamin E, Aqua.

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